Waiwera, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Brunton, Alan George  1910Waiwera, New Zealand I5576
2 Brunton, Clifford Allan  22 Aug 1907Waiwera, New Zealand I5544
3 Brunton, Eileen  1898Waiwera, New Zealand I5531
4 Brunton, Elsie Eveline  1890Waiwera, New Zealand I5528
5 Brunton, Eva Florence  1908Waiwera, New Zealand I5575
6 Brunton, Frederick Charles  1906Waiwera, New Zealand I5534
7 Brunton, Harold  1902Waiwera, New Zealand I5624
8 Brunton, Harriet Hannah Queenie  1895Waiwera, New Zealand I5538
9 Brunton, Jane  1893Waiwera, New Zealand I5529
10 Brunton, John William  1895Waiwera, New Zealand I5530
11 Brunton, Ralph John  1898Waiwera, New Zealand I3772
12 Brunton, Walter Donald  24 May 1900Waiwera, New Zealand I5621
13 Faithfull, Henry  10 Jan 1883Waiwera, New Zealand I2267
14 Hall, Edith Olivia  28 Sep 1871Waiwera, New Zealand I11159
15 Hankin, Thomas Henry  1887Waiwera, New Zealand I2310
16 Howell, Constance Mildred  13 Jul 1891Waiwera, New Zealand I1594
17 Howell, Eileen Pheney  26 Aug 1893Waiwera, New Zealand I1595
18 Howell, Frances Ida Allingham  20 Apr 1894Waiwera, New Zealand I1746
19 Howell, Frances Mary  3 May 1889Waiwera, New Zealand I1508
20 Howell, James  7 Jan 1864Waiwera, New Zealand I1712
21 Howell, Mary  Abt 1862Waiwera, New Zealand I1710
22 Howell, Richard Pheney  30 May 1900Waiwera, New Zealand I1596
23 Hurley, Thomas Richard  3 Dec 1894Waiwera, New Zealand I1617
24 Hurley, Winifred Ella  31 Mar 1891Waiwera, New Zealand I1619
25 Manning, Catherine  1880Waiwera, New Zealand I8846
26 Manning, Harold  1891Waiwera, New Zealand I8851
27 Manning, Henry  1876Waiwera, New Zealand I8844
28 Manning, Mary  1885Waiwera, New Zealand I8848
29 Manning, Sarah  1878Waiwera, New Zealand I8845
30 Manning, Sophie  1889Waiwera, New Zealand I8850
31 Manning, William Brown  1874Waiwera, New Zealand I8843
32 Thorburn, Dulcie  1898Waiwera, New Zealand I15420
33 Thorburn, Evelyn  1896Waiwera, New Zealand I15418
34 Thorburn, Reginald  3 Sep 1887Waiwera, New Zealand I8865


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Howell, Thomas  18 Jun 1871Waiwera, New Zealand I1713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hurley, Winifred Ella  16 Nov 1918Waiwera, New Zealand I1619
2 Langley, Maria Frances  12 Nov 1887Waiwera, New Zealand I2740
3 Tough, Ann  1 Jan 1878Waiwera, New Zealand I2734
4 [Unknown], Hannah  21 Dec 1869Waiwera, New Zealand I11219


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Brunton, William  Waiwera, New Zealand I5644
2 Cotterill, Emily Mary  Waiwera, New Zealand I12391
3 Faithfull, Henry  Waiwera, New Zealand I12390


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Hurley / Howell  29 Dec 1887Waiwera, New Zealand F517