Christchurch, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Chapman, Frances Noeleen  25 Apr 1916Christchurch, New Zealand I3218
2 Dawson, James Leslie  2 Feb 1902Christchurch, New Zealand I6666
3 Harrison, Marion Gertrude Ruby  19 Aug 1894Christchurch, New Zealand I4926
4 Holmes, Annie Matilda  2 Jan 1867Christchurch, New Zealand I1773
5 Holmes, George Richard  20 Sep 1868Christchurch, New Zealand I3231
6 Holmes, Sarah Elizabeth  14 Jul 1864Christchurch, New Zealand I3232
7 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  7 Oct 1888Christchurch, New Zealand I1507
8 Johnson, Thomas Samuel William  19 Dec 1880Christchurch, New Zealand I12717
9 Laurent, William James  31 Oct 1860Christchurch, New Zealand I4781
10 Pitt, Albert  6 Jun 1894Christchurch, New Zealand I3226
11 Pitt, Albert Irving Edwin  27 Jul 1921Christchurch, New Zealand I4929
12 Pitt, Alice  29 Jul 1891Christchurch, New Zealand I3227
13 Pitt, Cecil Francis  28 Jul 1905Christchurch, New Zealand I3221
14 Pitt, Charles Henry  21 Mar 1896Christchurch, New Zealand I3225
15 Pitt, Derek Francis Rhodes  20 Sep 1927Christchurch, New Zealand I5241
16 Pitt, Ethel  12 Aug 1889Christchurch, New Zealand I3219
17 Pitt, Francis Charles  12 Apr 1925Christchurch, New Zealand I5238
18 Pitt, Frederick  1903Christchurch, New Zealand I3222
19 Pitt, Geoffrey Allan  26 Jan 1926Christchurch, New Zealand I5242
20 Pitt, George Edward  22 Nov 1901Christchurch, New Zealand I3223
21 Pitt, James Richard  2 Aug 1900Christchurch, New Zealand I3224
22 Pitt, John Edwin  28 Nov 1886Christchurch, New Zealand I3228
23 Pitt, Keith Mervyn  26 Jul 1924Christchurch, New Zealand I4931
24 Pitt, Mavis  3 Jan 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I3220
25 Pitt, Richard  6 Mar 1893Christchurch, New Zealand I5251
26 Prisk, Elsie May  1892Christchurch, New Zealand I1783
27 Prisk, Evelyn Annie  17 Jun 1896Christchurch, New Zealand I1774
28 Prisk, John Roberts  20 Nov 1876Christchurch, New Zealand I6402
29 Prisk, Joseph  1 Aug 1885Christchurch, New Zealand I3376
30 Prisk, Violet  1893Christchurch, New Zealand I1782
31 Smith, Keith Clifford  6 Sep 1924Christchurch, New Zealand I7014
32 Turnbull, Arthur Hughes  Abt 1860Christchurch, New Zealand I3729
33 Turnbull, Arthur Ronald  1 Sep 1889Christchurch, New Zealand I9091
34 Unwin, Kathleen Mary  16 Dec 1936Christchurch, New Zealand I6760
35 Walsh, Brian Pitt  10 May 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I5229
36 Walsh, Dorothy Alice  31 Mar 1915Christchurch, New Zealand I5220
37 Walsh, Eileen Ruth  11 Feb 1918Christchurch, New Zealand I5222
38 Walsh, Elizabeth Marion  29 Nov 1920Christchurch, New Zealand I5224
39 Walsh, Ethel Margaret  1 Jul 1913Christchurch, New Zealand I5219
40 Walsh, John Edwin  Mar 1917Christchurch, New Zealand I5221
41 Walsh, John William  31 Oct 1919Christchurch, New Zealand I5223
42 Walsh, Joseph Francis  19 May 1923Christchurch, New Zealand I5225
43 Walsh, Patrick James  16 Feb 1926Christchurch, New Zealand I5226


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Pitt, Charles Henry  7 Aug 1898Christchurch, New Zealand I3225


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arnold, Arthur Henry  1 Mar 1946Christchurch, New Zealand I1671
2 Arnold, Joan Louise  13 Dec 1956Christchurch, New Zealand I4025
3 Baker, Mary Ann  25 Feb 1920Christchurch, New Zealand I3347
4 Bellamy, Norman Robert  5 Feb 1973Christchurch, New Zealand I6751
5 Briggs, Myrtle Isobel  1988Christchurch, New Zealand I1789
6 Chapman, Frances Noeleen  1996Christchurch, New Zealand I3218
7 Dale, Rosina Allen  20 Jun 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I7001
8 Gilliat, Joseph Robinson  11 Feb 1910Christchurch, New Zealand I6655
9 Gilliat, Margarita Baker  1982Christchurch, New Zealand I6663
10 Gilliat, William  1940Christchurch, New Zealand I6660
11 Harper, Kathleen Mary  4 Dec 1948Christchurch, New Zealand I1922
12 Harrison, Gilbert William Irving  7 Oct 1937Christchurch, New Zealand I4927
13 Harrison, Marion Gertrude Ruby  1972Christchurch, New Zealand I4926
14 Holmes, John  13 Aug 1903Christchurch, New Zealand I1775
15 Holmes, Sarah Elizabeth  22 Aug 1927Christchurch, New Zealand I3232
16 Holmes, William  27 May 1890Christchurch, New Zealand I3321
17 Howell, Constance Mildred  16 Apr 1990Christchurch, New Zealand I1594
18 Howell, John Darryl  8 Oct 1951Christchurch, New Zealand I2606
19 Knowles, Amy Jane  24 Feb 1964Christchurch, New Zealand I4928
20 Lamb, Robert  1968Christchurch, New Zealand I4933
21 Lawson, Judith  28 Jun 1918Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
22 Maxwell, Oscar Ivan  Abt 1982Christchurch, New Zealand I6723
23 McKendrey, Eileen May  16 Jan 1951Christchurch, New Zealand I1691
24 Mitchell, William Robert  15 Jun 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I1701
25 Morris, Muriel Janet  14 Jun 1967Christchurch, New Zealand I2208
26 O'Connor, John William  14 May 1981Christchurch, New Zealand I6768
27 Pahl, Frances Hilda  23 May 1982Christchurch, New Zealand I6752
28 Pahl, Wilfred  18 Sep 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I6748
29 Pitt, Albert  4 Nov 1954Christchurch, New Zealand I3226
30 Pitt, Albert Irving Edwin  2004Christchurch, New Zealand I4929
31 Pitt, Cecil Francis  15 Dec 1987Christchurch, New Zealand I3221
32 Pitt, Charles Henry  17 Nov 1955Christchurch, New Zealand I3225
33 Pitt, Edwin  13 Apr 1922Christchurch, New Zealand I3230
34 Pitt, Ethel  6 Dec 1963Christchurch, New Zealand I3219
35 Pitt, Francis Charles  3 Feb 1936Christchurch, New Zealand I5238
36 Pitt, Keith Mervyn  30 Mar 2008Christchurch, New Zealand I4931
37 Pitt, Nora  19 Nov 1888Christchurch, New Zealand I3229
38 Pitt, Richard  1893Christchurch, New Zealand I5251
39 Prisk, Edith Alice  Christchurch, New Zealand I1785
40 Prisk, Evelyn Annie  1953Christchurch, New Zealand I1774
41 Prisk, John Roberts  3 Sep 1941Christchurch, New Zealand I6402
42 Prisk, Samuel Roberts  1 Dec 1930Christchurch, New Zealand I2142
43 Prisk, Violet  4 Feb 1948Christchurch, New Zealand I1782
44 Reiche, Alexander August  28 Feb 1979Christchurch, New Zealand I5003
45 Reiche, Edna Frances  Aft 1994Christchurch, New Zealand I5004
46 Reiche, Edward Charles  28 Aug 1962Christchurch, New Zealand I4999
47 Reiche, Lucy Dorothy  9 Oct 1978Christchurch, New Zealand I6616
48 Roulston, Carnegie Ernest  19 Feb 1959Christchurch, New Zealand I6990
49 Roulston, Frances Rebecca  15 Feb 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I1498
50 Roulston, Lilian  1956Christchurch, New Zealand I7005

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bellamy, Norman Robert  Christchurch, New Zealand I6751
2 Briggs, Myrtle Isobel  Christchurch, New Zealand I1789
3 Gilliat, Joseph Robinson  12 Feb 1910Christchurch, New Zealand I6655
4 Harper, Kathleen Mary  7 Dec 1948Christchurch, New Zealand I1922
5 Harrison, Gilbert Maxwell Raymond  Christchurch, New Zealand I1781
6 Harrison, Gilbert William Irving  12 Oct 1937Christchurch, New Zealand I4927
7 Harrison, Robert Irving Seppings  Christchurch, New Zealand I8515
8 Holmes, Sarah Elizabeth  Christchurch, New Zealand I3232
9 Jacombs, Edith Wilkinson  1870Christchurch, New Zealand I4147
10 Jacombs, John Edward  11 Aug 1928Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
11 Knowles, Amy Jane  31 Mar 1964Christchurch, New Zealand I4928
12 Lawson, Caroline  Christchurch, New Zealand I3728
13 Lloyd, Ellen Gertrude  28 Aug 1933Christchurch, New Zealand I5250
14 Mitchell, William Robert  17 Jun 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I1701
15 Pahl, Wilfred  21 Sep 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I6748
16 Pitt, Albert  19 Nov 1954Christchurch, New Zealand I3226
17 Pitt, Cecil Francis  18 Dec 1987Christchurch, New Zealand I3221
18 Pitt, Edwin  15 Apr 1922Christchurch, New Zealand I3230
19 Pitt, Ethel  9 Dec 1963Christchurch, New Zealand I3219
20 Prisk, Doris Ann  Christchurch, New Zealand I1787
21 Prisk, Edith Alice  Christchurch, New Zealand I1785
22 Prisk, Elsie May  Christchurch, New Zealand I1783
23 Prisk, Evelyn Annie  Christchurch, New Zealand I1774
24 Prisk, Harold James  Christchurch, New Zealand I1786
25 Prisk, Violet  Christchurch, New Zealand I1782
26 Reiche, Edward Charles  31 Aug 1962Christchurch, New Zealand I4999
27 Reiche, Lucy Dorothy  Christchurch, New Zealand I6616
28 Roulston, Carnegie Ernest  21 Feb 1959Christchurch, New Zealand I6990
29 Roulston, Frances Rebecca  16 Feb 1934Christchurch, New Zealand I1498
30 Smith, Mary Agnes  Christchurch, New Zealand I8518
31 Turnbull, Arthur Hughes  12 Mar 1917Christchurch, New Zealand I3729
32 Unwin, Kathleen Mary  30 Dec 1988Christchurch, New Zealand I6760
33 Wade, Elizabeth  18 Dec 1915Christchurch, New Zealand I7796
34 Walsh, Dorothy Alice  9 Jun 1983Christchurch, New Zealand I5220
35 Wilkinson, Sarah  1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  23 Apr 1891Christchurch, New Zealand I1507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Adopted    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, John Edward  23 Apr 1891Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
2 Lawson, Judith  23 Apr 1891Christchurch, New Zealand I1511


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Prisk, Mabel  Christchurch, New Zealand I1784
2 Prisk, Norman Henry  1972Christchurch, New Zealand I1780


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  4 Feb 1898Christchurch, New Zealand I1507
2 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  10 Oct 1902Christchurch, New Zealand I1507
3 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  26 Jan 1903Christchurch, New Zealand I1507
4 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  14 Oct 1904Christchurch, New Zealand I1507


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Funeral    Person ID 
1 Wilkinson, Sarah  23 Nov 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Interest    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, John Edward  1866Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
2 Jacombs, John Edward  Feb 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
3 Jacombs, John Edward  Mar 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
4 Jacombs, John Edward  8 Apr 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
5 Jacombs, John Edward  11 Dec 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
6 Jacombs, John Edward  Jun 1870Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
7 Jacombs, John Edward  28 Aug 1871Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
8 Jacombs, John Edward  Apr 1872Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
9 Jacombs, John Edward  Mar 1875–NOV 1875Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
10 Jacombs, John Edward  Jul 1887Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
11 Jacombs, John Edward  15 Nov 1887Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
12 Jacombs, John Edward  5 Feb 1894Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
13 Jacombs, John Edward  Nov 1894Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
14 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  Jan 1900Christchurch, New Zealand I1507
15 Lawson, Judith  Jan 1896Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
16 Lawson, Judith  Nov 1901Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
17 Lawson, Judith  Jun 1911–MAR 1912Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
18 Mitchell, William Robert  1888–1897Christchurch, New Zealand I1701
19 Pheney, Frances Pople  1881–1888Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
20 Pheney, Frances Pople  8 Mar 1889Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
21 Pheney, Frances Pople  1898–1890Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
22 Pheney, Frances Pople  3 Mar 1890Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
23 Pheney, Frances Pople  Jun 1891Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
24 Pheney, Frances Pople  1897Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
25 Pheney, Frances Pople  31 Mar 1897Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
26 Pheney, Frances Pople  1898Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
27 Pheney, Frances Pople  1886–1905Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
28 Pheney, Frances Pople  1891–1915Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
29 Wilkinson, Sarah  30 Mar 1869Christchurch, New Zealand I1510


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Location    Person ID 
1 Lawson, Judith  Nov 1901Christchurch, New Zealand I1511


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, John Edward  8 Nov 1897Christchurch, New Zealand I1509


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Howell, Constance Mildred  Aug 1990Christchurch, New Zealand I1594
2 Mitchell, William Robert  16 Jun 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I1701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Harrison, Gilbert Maxwell Raymond  1922Christchurch, New Zealand I1781
2 Holmes, John  2 Jan 1867Christchurch, New Zealand I1775
3 Jacombs, John Edward  May 1867–MAY 1872Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
4 Jacombs, John Edward  1872–1873Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
5 Jacombs, John Edward  1882Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
6 Jacombs, John Edward  1883–1885Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
7 Jacombs, John Edward  7 Oct 1888Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
8 Jacombs, John Edward  1900Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
9 Jacombs, John Edward  1903Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
10 Jacombs, John Edward  1904Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
11 Jacombs, John Edward  13 Mar 1905Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
12 Jacombs, John Edward  1905–1906Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
13 Jacombs, John Edward  1911Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
14 Jacombs, John Edward  1914Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
15 Pheney, Frances Pople  1896Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
16 Pheney, Frances Pople  1900Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
17 Pheney, Frances Pople  1905–1906Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
18 Prisk, James Henry  17 Jun 1896Christchurch, New Zealand I1772
19 [Unknown], Euphemia  1869–1876Christchurch, New Zealand I3546


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Mitchell, William Robert  26 Jun 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I1701


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Holmes, Annie Matilda  8 Sep 1888–18 Apr 1889Christchurch, New Zealand I1773
2 Jacombs, John Edward  1870–1871Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
3 Jacombs, John Edward  1872–1873Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
4 Jacombs, John Edward  1875–1876Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
5 Jacombs, John Edward  1895Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
6 Jacombs, John Edward  1897Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
7 Jacombs, John Edward  1898–1899Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
8 Jacombs, John Edward  Nov 1901Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
9 Jacombs, John Edward  1902Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
10 Jacombs, John Edward  1905–1906Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
11 Jacombs, John Edward  1911Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
12 Jacombs, John Edward  1913Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
13 Jacombs, John Edward  1914Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
14 Jacombs, John Edward  1916Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
15 Jacombs, Natalie Frances  1946Christchurch, New Zealand I5
16 Lawson, Judith  1900Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
17 Lawson, Judith  Nov 1901Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
18 Lawson, Judith  1905–1906Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
19 Lawson, Judith  1911Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
20 Lawson, Judith  1914Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
21 Lawson, Judith  1918Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
22 Pheney, Frances Pople  1928Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
23 Pitt, Cecil Francis  10 Sep 1905Christchurch, New Zealand I3221
24 Pitt, Edwin  13 Apr 1922Christchurch, New Zealand I3230
25 Pitt, Mavis  2 Feb 1908Christchurch, New Zealand I3220


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, John Edward  2 Apr 1913Christchurch, New Zealand I1509
2 Lawson, Judith  2 Apr 1913Christchurch, New Zealand I1511
3 Mitchell, William Robert  5 Dec 1905Christchurch, New Zealand I1701
4 Pheney, Frances Pople  11 Nov 1931Christchurch, New Zealand I1592
5 Prisk, Samuel Roberts  20 Sep 1930Christchurch, New Zealand I2142


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Arnold / Yeoman  20 Mar 1928Christchurch, New Zealand F1835
2 Harrison / Prisk  22 Mar 1922Christchurch, New Zealand F542
3 Jacombs / Wilkinson  17 Apr 1867Christchurch, New Zealand F455
4 Maxwell / Reiche  14 Nov 1936Christchurch, New Zealand F2067
5 O'Connor / Unwin  1 Mar 1965Christchurch, New Zealand F2084
6 Pitt / Chapman  10 Sep 1942Christchurch, New Zealand F1062
7 Pitt / Harrison  1918Christchurch, New Zealand F1647
8 Pitt / Holmes  Christchurch, New Zealand F1061
9 Pitt / Lomax  25 Jun 1927Christchurch, New Zealand F1669
10 Pitt / Rhodes  1926Christchurch, New Zealand F1670
11 Prisk / Holmes  12 Nov 1891Christchurch, New Zealand F20
12 Roulston / Carnegie  19 Jun 1882Christchurch, New Zealand F2162
13 Roulston / Court  1 Jun 1910Christchurch, New Zealand F2164
14 Roulston / Dale  12 May 1884Christchurch, New Zealand F2168
15 Smith / Hepburn  7 Feb 1948Christchurch, New Zealand F2174
16 Walsh / Pitt  30 Apr 1913Christchurch, New Zealand F1665