Carne, County Wexford



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Doyle, John Thomas Benedict  31 Jul 1866Carne, County Wexford I4064
2 Druhan, John  Abt 1843Carne, County Wexford I4125
3 French, Catherine  Abt 1839Carne, County Wexford I4032
4 King, Bridget  Abt 1785Carne, County Wexford I4133
5 King, Catherine  Dec 1773Carne, County Wexford I4128
6 King, Margaret  Abt 1778Carne, County Wexford I4132
7 King, Mathew  Abt 1770Carne, County Wexford I4131
8 Meler, Thomas  1 Oct 1798Carne, County Wexford I4190
9 Meyler, Mary  Abt May 1809Carne, County Wexford I3315
10 Meyler, William  Abt 1812Carne, County Wexford I4134
11 Miler, Alexander  3 Jan 1771Carne, County Wexford I4142
12 Miler, Catherine  Abt 1768Carne, County Wexford I4141
13 Miler, Margaret  Abt 1776Carne, County Wexford I4143
14 Miler, Mary  Abt 1767Carne, County Wexford I4140
15 Miler, Michael  Abt 1779Carne, County Wexford I4144
16 Moor, Catherine  Abt 1772Carne, County Wexford I6257
17 Moor, Catherine  Abt 1787Carne, County Wexford I6263
18 Moor, Eleanor  Abt 1791Carne, County Wexford I6265
19 Moor, Johanna  Abt 1782Carne, County Wexford I4585
20 Moor, John  Abt 1788Carne, County Wexford I6264
21 Moor, Margaret  Abt 1778Carne, County Wexford I6259
22 Moor, Mariam  Abt 1785Carne, County Wexford I6262
23 Moor, Philip  Abt 1784Carne, County Wexford I6261
24 Moor, Philip  Abt 1795Carne, County Wexford I6266
25 Moor, Thomas  Abt 1780Carne, County Wexford I6260
26 Moor, William  Abt 1773Carne, County Wexford I6258
27 Murphy, Alice  24 Feb 1845Carne, County Wexford I4188
28 Murphy, Alice  1 Nov 1889Carne, County Wexford I4252
29 Murphy, Anastasia  3 Jan 1844Carne, County Wexford I4862
30 Murphy, Ann  19 May 1868Carne, County Wexford I7687
31 Murphy, Bridget  7 May 1846Carne, County Wexford I4863
32 Murphy, Catherine  27 Apr 1838Carne, County Wexford I4859
33 Murphy, James  Abt Dec 1797Carne, County Wexford I4868
34 Murphy, Joanna  Abt 1846Carne, County Wexford I4005
35 Murphy, Margaret  30 Sep 1848Carne, County Wexford I4864
36 Murphy, Mary  Abt Jun 1800Carne, County Wexford I4869
37 Murphy, Mary  24 Oct 1841Carne, County Wexford I4861
38 Murphy, Mary  8 May 1848Carne, County Wexford I4189
39 Murphy, Mathew  3 Aug 1851Carne, County Wexford I4865
40 Murphy, Michael  Abt 1810Carne, County Wexford I4614
41 Murphy, Thomas  7 Sep 1839Carne, County Wexford I4860
42 Murphy, [No entry]  Abt Oct 1807Carne, County Wexford I4870
43 Scallan, Catherine  Abt Jan 1858Carne, County Wexford I2439
44 Scallan, Christian  Abt 1809Carne, County Wexford I6255
45 Scallan, Daniel  Abt 1866Carne, County Wexford I3988
46 Scallan, Johanna  Abt 1865Carne, County Wexford I3986
47 Scallan, John  Abt 1859Carne, County Wexford I3741
48 Scallan, Mary  Abt 1811Carne, County Wexford I4588
49 Scallan, Mary Ann  4 Apr 1868Carne, County Wexford I3989
50 Scallan, Maryann  Abt 1807Carne, County Wexford I6256

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Doyle, John Thomas Benedict  3 Aug 1866Carne, County Wexford I4064
2 Druhan, Anastacia  3 Feb 1873Carne, County Wexford I4118
3 Druhan, James  6 Jan 1847Carne, County Wexford I4127
4 Druhan, James  4 Nov 1871Carne, County Wexford I4117
5 Druhan, John  26 Apr 1843Carne, County Wexford I4125
6 Druhan, Mary  25 Mar 1845Carne, County Wexford I4126
7 Druhan, Matthew  20 Aug 1835Carne, County Wexford I4113
8 Druhan, William  24 Apr 1841Carne, County Wexford I4124
9 Hopley, Maryanne  21 Jul 1857Carne, County Wexford I4073
10 King, Bridget  4 Apr 1785Carne, County Wexford I4133
11 King, Catherine  1773–1774Carne, County Wexford I4128
12 King, Margaret  Jul 1778Carne, County Wexford I4132
13 King, Mathew  Sep 1770Carne, County Wexford I4131
14 Magee, Patrick  3 Dec 1883Carne, County Wexford I4220
15 Meyler, Mary  May 1809Carne, County Wexford I3315
16 Meyler, William  28 Mar 1812Carne, County Wexford I4134
17 Miler, Alexander  Mar 1771Carne, County Wexford I4142
18 Miler, Catherine  Sep 1768Carne, County Wexford I4141
19 Miler, Margaret  Feb 1776Carne, County Wexford I4143
20 Miler, Mary  Mar 1767Carne, County Wexford I4140
21 Miler, Michael  30 Sep 1779Carne, County Wexford I4144
22 Moor, Catherine  27 Jan 1772Carne, County Wexford I6257
23 Moor, Catherine  8 Jul 1787Carne, County Wexford I6263
24 Moor, Eleanor  17 May 1791Carne, County Wexford I6265
25 Moor, Johanna  19 Mar 1782Carne, County Wexford I4585
26 Moor, John  16 Nov 1788Carne, County Wexford I6264
27 Moor, Margaret  Jul 1778Carne, County Wexford I6259
28 Moor, Mariam  29 May 1785Carne, County Wexford I6262
29 Moor, Philip  10 Apr 1784Carne, County Wexford I6261
30 Moor, Philip  8 Jan 1795Carne, County Wexford I6266
31 Moor, Thomas  22 Nov 1780Carne, County Wexford I6260
32 Moor, William  3 Oct 1773Carne, County Wexford I6258
33 Murphy, James  14 Dec 1797Carne, County Wexford I4868
34 Murphy, Joanna  26 Nov 1846Carne, County Wexford I4005
35 Murphy, Mary  12 Jun 1800Carne, County Wexford I4869
36 Murphy, [No entry]  26 Oct 1807Carne, County Wexford I4870
37 Scallan, Alice  10 Sep 1860Carne, County Wexford I3985
38 Scallan, Catherine  Jan 1858Carne, County Wexford I2439
39 Scallan, Christian  Mar 1809Carne, County Wexford I6255
40 Scallan, Daniel  22 Nov 1813Carne, County Wexford I3740
41 Scallan, Daniel  29 Dec 1866Carne, County Wexford I3988
42 Scallan, Johanna  21 Mar 1865Carne, County Wexford I3986
43 Scallan, John  4 Jun 1859Carne, County Wexford I3741
44 Scallan, Mary  22 Mar 1811Carne, County Wexford I4588
45 Scallan, Mary Ann  5 Apr 1868Carne, County Wexford I3989
46 Scallan, Maryann  14 May 1807Carne, County Wexford I6256
47 Scallan, Robert  6 Feb 1864Carne, County Wexford I3987
48 Scallan, William  20 Aug 1862Carne, County Wexford I4145
49 Sinnot, Alsoon  3 Dec 1762Carne, County Wexford I3808
50 Sinnot, Andrew  12 Jan 1778Carne, County Wexford I5468

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Boggan, Nicholas  3 Aug 1898Carne, County Wexford I4194
2 Brady, Elizabeth  25 Oct 1818Carne, County Wexford I5452
3 Hopley, Henry  18 Nov 1878Carne, County Wexford I4191
4 Murphy, Bridget  11 Nov 1924Carne, County Wexford I4863
5 Murphy, Catherine  30 May 1857Carne, County Wexford I5460
6 Murphy, Catherine  5 Aug 1876Carne, County Wexford I4859
7 Murphy, James  2 Jul 1930Carne, County Wexford I4618
8 Murphy, Mathew  22 Feb 1890Carne, County Wexford I4865
9 Murphy, Michael  1 Oct 1967Carne, County Wexford I4612
10 Murphy, Thomas  11 Feb 1922Carne, County Wexford I4860
11 Scallan, Catherine  10 Jul 1930Carne, County Wexford I2439
12 Scallan, Daniel  27 Aug 1930Carne, County Wexford I3988
13 Sinnot, Andrew  15 Apr 1885Carne, County Wexford I5459
14 Sinnot, Bridget  31 May 1805Carne, County Wexford I5454
15 Sinnot, John  13 Oct 1868Carne, County Wexford I5463
16 Sinnot, Margaret  17 Jun 1876Carne, County Wexford I5462
17 Sinnot, Mary  22 Jul 1896Carne, County Wexford I5461
18 Sinnot, Michael  15 Jun 1897Carne, County Wexford I5464
19 Sinnot, Nicholas Michael  24 Apr 1924Carne, County Wexford I3780
20 Sinnot, Robert  19 Jun 1927Carne, County Wexford I3314
21 Sinnott, Catherine  9 Jun 1873Carne, County Wexford I4146
22 Sinnott, Mary  2 Jun 1971Carne, County Wexford I2441
23 Sinnott, Robert  19 Jun 1884Carne, County Wexford I73
24 Synnot, Patrick  4 Aug 1807Carne, County Wexford I5456
25 Wall, John  13 May 1905Carne, County Wexford I15810


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Murphy, Mary  Carne, County Wexford I2434
2 Sinnot, Michael  Carne, County Wexford I2433


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Synnot, John  27 May 1784Carne, County Wexford I15108


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 Sinnot, Nicholas Michael  Aft 1920Carne, County Wexford I3780


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Magee / Murphy  29 Jul 1919Carne, County Wexford F1427
2 Sinnot / Murphy  4 Sep 1871Carne, County Wexford F1366
3 Wall / Murphy  24 Apr 1882Carne, County Wexford F5395