Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kelly, Mary  17 Mar 1844Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I14786
2 Martin, Robert  1778–1792Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I12729
3 Martin, Selina Sarah  Abt 1780Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8390
4 Synnot, Ada Maria  29 May 1856Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I10097
5 Synnot, Agnes Jane  31 Jul 1822Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9031
6 Synnot, Anne Elizabeth  3 May 1807Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8278
7 Synnot, Barbara Cecilia  26 Dec 1826Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8300
8 Synnot, Charles  Dec 1857–JAN 1858Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9065
9 Synnot, Dame Charlotte Augusta  13 Feb 1854Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I10095
10 Synnot, Frederick  1803Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I10110
11 Synnot, George  23 Feb 1819Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8311
12 Synnot, Isabella  1805Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I10112
13 Synnot, Jane  22 Jun 1801Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9037
14 Synnot, Jane Seton  24 Aug 1862Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9062
15 Synnot, Juliana Hewitt  11 Jun 1829Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8301
16 Synnot, Marcus Esq.  21 Jun 1771Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8273
17 Synnot, Marcus  19 Feb 1816Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8295
18 Synnot, Maria Eliza  1 Mar 1821Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9053
19 Synnot, Maria Marcia  3 Jan 1819Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8298
20 Synnot, Marianne  4 Dec 1828Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8919
21 Synnot, Mark Seton  31 Jul 1820Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8296
22 Synnot, Mary Marcia  1815Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8297
23 Synnot, Monckton  30 Nov 1826Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8315
24 Synnot, Parker George  15 Jun 1824Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9034
25 Synnot, Rose  1856–1857Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9056
26 Synnot, Walter  1809Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I10114
27 Synnot, Captain Walter John Esq.  29 Dec 1773Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8274
28 Synnot, William  12 Jun 1834Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8922
29 Synnot, William Forbes  23 Jun 1831Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9035


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Gaskell, Sarah  5 Apr 1796Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I12364
2 Martin, Rev. Robert  18 Apr 1796Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8277
3 Smith, Catherine Margaret  27 Aug 1807Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8302
4 Synnot, Anne Jane  14 Nov 1898Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8290
5 Synnot, Mark Seton  2 Dec 1890Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8296
6 Synnot, Mary Susanna May  22 Jul 1913Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9046
7 Synnot, Parker George  28 Mar 1901Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9034
8 [Unknown], Martha  30 Nov 1809Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9036


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Synnot, Mark Seton  Dec 1890Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8296
2 Synnot, Parker George  Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9034


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Funeral    Person ID 
1 Synnot, Mary Marcia  19 Aug 1869Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I8297
2 Synnot, Parker George  3 Apr 1901Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland I9034


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Crawford / Synnot  17 Jul 1851Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland F2979
2 Crawhall / Synnot  22 Sep 1868Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland F2994
3 Smith / Synnot  21 Jan 1875Ballymoyer, County Armagh, Ireland F2987