Wellington, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Mary Dawn  31 Mar 1925Wellington, New Zealand I283
2 Arnold, Sophie May  11 Apr 1895Wellington, New Zealand I1673
3 Dawson, Robert James  7 Dec 1924Wellington, New Zealand I6667
4 Earle, Colin James  12 Nov 1917Wellington, New Zealand I6970
5 Earle, John Frederick  1912Wellington, New Zealand I6964
6 Earle, Mabel Elizabeth  3 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I6951
7 Earle, Malcolm Joseph  1905Wellington, New Zealand I6948
8 Faithfull, Henry  1876Wellington, New Zealand I12444
9 Haddon, Charles William  29 Apr 1878Wellington, New Zealand I12144
10 Hampton, Herbert Ivan  1 Feb 1901Wellington, New Zealand I3475
11 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  19 Dec 1899Wellington, New Zealand I180
12 Hanify, Dorothy Ethel Page  1 Apr 1903Wellington, New Zealand I181
13 Hanify, Godfrey Page  23 Nov 1894Wellington, New Zealand I5680
14 Hanify, Hugo Page  16 Jun 1896Wellington, New Zealand I179
15 Hazlewood, Francis  19 Mar 1908Wellington, New Zealand I12715
16 Jacombs, Natalie Frances  14 Jul 1912Wellington, New Zealand I5
17 Laurent, Madeline Anne Marie Martin  17 Aug 1873Wellington, New Zealand I4787
18 Lawson, Fredric Charles Stansfield  1874Wellington, New Zealand I3736
19 Luxford, Elizabeth Martha  7 Jan 1850Wellington, New Zealand I6938
20 Morfee, Alice Margaret  31 Oct 1912Wellington, New Zealand I10168
21 Murrell, Peter Ross  13 Nov 1928Wellington, New Zealand I5006
22 Pahl, Frances Hilda  10 Aug 1925Wellington, New Zealand I6752
23 Reiche, Alexander August  24 Jan 1910Wellington, New Zealand I5003
24 Reiche, Frances Olga Zoe  12 Sep 1930Wellington, New Zealand I5007
25 Reiche, Robert Alexander  2 Feb 1908Wellington, New Zealand I5002
26 Renner, Ernest Ralph  28 Jul 1887Wellington, New Zealand I11135
27 Rountree, William Leonard  1925Wellington, New Zealand I1708
28 Simmiss, Frank Joseph  23 Mar 1931Wellington, New Zealand I168
29 Weaver, Thomas Edward William  19 Dec 1906Wellington, New Zealand I4991


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, Natalie Frances  20 Apr 1913Wellington, New Zealand I5


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Allan, Harry Howard Barton  29 Oct 1957Wellington, New Zealand I5755
2 Andrews, James  19 Oct 1935Wellington, New Zealand I1495
3 Andrews, Raymond Charles  13 Feb 1930Wellington, New Zealand I11985
4 Arnold, Hannah Louise  24 Mar 1984Wellington, New Zealand I5747
5 Bak, Nancy Annette Jensen  8 May 1972Wellington, New Zealand I267
6 Banks, Ruth  21 Apr 1879Wellington, New Zealand I1759
7 Barnao, Marie Gloria  10 Apr 1995Wellington, New Zealand I219
8 Brunton, William  13 Jun 1881Wellington, New Zealand I5491
9 Fricker, Catherine Frances  25 Mar 1926Wellington, New Zealand I6483
10 Fricker, Isabel Louise  20 Oct 1939Wellington, New Zealand I6488
11 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  24 Jul 1957Wellington, New Zealand I180
12 Hanify, Bernadette Page  Oct 2012Wellington, New Zealand I279
13 Hanify, Godfrey Colin Page  12 Feb 1992Wellington, New Zealand I268
14 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1 Jun 1945Wellington, New Zealand I175
15 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  10 Jun 1969Wellington, New Zealand I177
16 Hardy, Annie  5 Oct 1919Wellington, New Zealand I2804
17 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  11 Aug 1940Wellington, New Zealand I1736
18 Larchin, Thomas  10 Feb 1922Wellington, New Zealand I1735
19 Lawson, Florence Banks  15 Apr 1883Wellington, New Zealand I3724
20 Luxford, Elizabeth Martha  25 May 1925Wellington, New Zealand I6938
21 Morfee, Alice Margaret  1 Jul 1997Wellington, New Zealand I10168
22 Reiche, Robert Alexander  3 Jun 1915Wellington, New Zealand I5002
23 Roulston, Alexander  15 Nov 1917Wellington, New Zealand I2803
24 Roulston, Eliza Jane  26 Dec 1909Wellington, New Zealand I6916
25 Roulston, Gertrude Edith  1 Sep 1974Wellington, New Zealand I6977
26 Roulston, Isobel Eliza Wilson  19 Sep 1947Wellington, New Zealand I6942
27 Roulston, Matilda Mary  1956Wellington, New Zealand I6939
28 Roulston, Samuel James Wright  1949Wellington, New Zealand I6945
29 Roulston, Thomas  31 Jul 1900Wellington, New Zealand I6985
30 Sinnott, Maude Miriam  14 Apr 1904Wellington, New Zealand I89
31 Stubbs, Claude Frederick Sterling  28 Jul 1991Wellington, New Zealand I10167


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Aldridge, Hilary Margaret  22 Apr 1948Wellington, New Zealand I185
2 Aldridge, Roy George Joseph Anthony  22 Oct 1971Wellington, New Zealand I187
3 Bak, Nancy Annette Jensen  9 May 1972Wellington, New Zealand I267
4 Brunton, Ralph John  13 Nov 1918Wellington, New Zealand I3772
5 Court, Lily  26 Aug 1933Wellington, New Zealand I6991
6 Dawson, James Leslie  17 May 1972Wellington, New Zealand I6666
7 Earle, Fredericke James  1 Jun 1960Wellington, New Zealand I6947
8 Earle, Joseph Maxton  13 Feb 1950Wellington, New Zealand I6978
9 Guise, Annie Elizabeth  6 Aug 1965Wellington, New Zealand I6001
10 Gunn, James Thomas  Wellington, New Zealand I6000
11 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  26 Jul 1957Wellington, New Zealand I180
12 Hanify, Godfrey Colin Page  21 Feb 1992Wellington, New Zealand I268
13 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  2 Jun 1945Wellington, New Zealand I175
14 Hanify, Hugo Page  3 Feb 1968Wellington, New Zealand I179
15 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  12 Jun 1969Wellington, New Zealand I177
16 Hardy, Annie  7 Oct 1919Wellington, New Zealand I2804
17 Holmes, John  22 Feb 1923Wellington, New Zealand I1775
18 Lawson, Florence Banks  17 Apr 1883Wellington, New Zealand I3724
19 Luxford, Elizabeth Martha  26 May 1925Wellington, New Zealand I6938
20 Maher, Kathleen Mary  3 Nov 1960Wellington, New Zealand I1698
21 Pearce, Charles  5 Jul 1951Wellington, New Zealand I6009
22 Pearce, Gertrude Evelyn Alice  7 Nov 1986Wellington, New Zealand I1703
23 Reardon, Alice Maude  21 Sep 1959Wellington, New Zealand I6010
24 Reiche, Christina Elizabeth  25 Mar 1991Wellington, New Zealand I5000
25 Roulston, Alexander  17 Nov 1917Wellington, New Zealand I2803
26 Roulston, Charles Alexander  2 Jun 1936Wellington, New Zealand I7047
27 Roulston, Emily Mabel  8 May 1970Wellington, New Zealand I6946
28 Roulston, Gertrude Edith  3 Sep 1974Wellington, New Zealand I6977
29 Roulston, Isobel Eliza Wilson  20 Sep 1947Wellington, New Zealand I6942
30 Roulston, Matilda Mary  17 Sep 1956Wellington, New Zealand I6939
31 Roulston, Robert Bond  26 Jul 1967Wellington, New Zealand I7036
32 Roulston, Robert James  21 Aug 1918Wellington, New Zealand I7043
33 Roulston, Samuel James Wright  8 Dec 1949Wellington, New Zealand I6945
34 Roulston, Thomas  2 Aug 1900Wellington, New Zealand I6985
35 Sinnott, Maude Miriam  16 Apr 1904Wellington, New Zealand I89


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Coroner    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Jacob Ethan Sinnott  1 Jul 2005Wellington, New Zealand I3169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Cremated    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Charles Frederick  9 Oct 1987Wellington, New Zealand I1489
2 Andrews, Mary Dawn  21 Dec 1981Wellington, New Zealand I283
3 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  13 Aug 1940Wellington, New Zealand I1736
4 Roulston, Lucy Eliza  18 Nov 1961Wellington, New Zealand I7045


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1885–1889Wellington, New Zealand I1736
2 Sinnott, William Edmund  1912Wellington, New Zealand I40

Electoral Roll

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Electoral Roll    Person ID 
1 Donnini, Marie Louise  1893Wellington, New Zealand I1666


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID 
1 Hay, Mary Constance  7 Jul 1952Wellington, New Zealand I8950
2 Synnot, Monckton  7 Jul 1952Wellington, New Zealand I8949


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Funeral    Person ID 
1 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  13 Aug 1940Wellington, New Zealand I1736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Immigration    Person ID 
1 Andrews, Albert Victor  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I12136
2 Andrews, Charles Frederick  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I1489
3 Andrews, James  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I1495
4 Andrews, Stanley  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I12701
5 Andrews, William  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I12700
6 Cotterill, Emily Mary  22 May 1875Wellington, New Zealand I12391
7 Faithfull, Alfred  2 Apr 1876Wellington, New Zealand I2266
8 Faithfull, Amy Emily  24 Mar 1874Wellington, New Zealand I12441
9 Faithfull, Edith Mary  22 May 1875Wellington, New Zealand I12438
10 Faithfull, Henry  Abt Apr 1876Wellington, New Zealand I12390
11 Faithfull, Norman  22 May 1875Wellington, New Zealand I12439
12 Faithfull, Reuben Percy  22 May 1875Wellington, New Zealand I12442
13 Faithfull, Walter  2 Apr 1876Wellington, New Zealand I12435
14 Nelson, Julia Augusta  25 Dec 1908Wellington, New Zealand I1496
15 Reiche, Augusta Mona  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I1490
16 Reiche, Carl Christian  23 Jan 1907Wellington, New Zealand I1497
17 Reiche, Charles Alexander  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I5001
18 Reiche, Christina Elizabeth  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I5000
19 Reiche, Edward Charles  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I4999
20 Reiche, Lucy Dorothy  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I6616
21 Roulston, Frances Rebecca  24 Apr 1907Wellington, New Zealand I1498


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Interest    Person ID 
1 Hanify, Bruce Alan Page  13 Jun 1950Wellington, New Zealand I271
2 Hanify, Dorothy Ethel Page  9 Aug 1939Wellington, New Zealand I181
3 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  1915Wellington, New Zealand I177
4 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  Abt 1923–1966Wellington, New Zealand I177
5 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  9 Jul 1915Wellington, New Zealand I1736


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Military    Person ID 
1 Jacombs, Eric William Mitchell  31 Jan 1942Wellington, New Zealand I1579
2 Jacombs, Eric William Mitchell  1 Oct 1942Wellington, New Zealand I1579
3 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1 Aug 1943Wellington, New Zealand I1507
4 Olberg, Victor William  23 Apr 1918Wellington, New Zealand I4151
5 Sinnott, William Ormond  1 Aug 1941Wellington, New Zealand I6


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Misc    Person ID 
1 Olberg, Peter Andrew  6 Jun 1887–7 Jun 1887Wellington, New Zealand I2566


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Obituary    Person ID 
1 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  6 Jun 1945Wellington, New Zealand I175
2 Larchin, Thomas  11 Feb 1922Wellington, New Zealand I1735


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 Andrews, James  1911Wellington, New Zealand I1495
2 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  1935Wellington, New Zealand I180
3 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  1938Wellington, New Zealand I180
4 Hanify, Dorothy Ethel Page  1939Wellington, New Zealand I181
5 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1893Wellington, New Zealand I175
6 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  21 Jun 1895Wellington, New Zealand I175
7 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1896Wellington, New Zealand I175
8 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1898Wellington, New Zealand I175
9 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1900Wellington, New Zealand I175
10 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1903Wellington, New Zealand I175
11 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1905Wellington, New Zealand I175
12 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1908Wellington, New Zealand I175
13 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1911Wellington, New Zealand I175
14 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1914Wellington, New Zealand I175
15 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1919Wellington, New Zealand I175
16 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1923Wellington, New Zealand I175
17 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1929Wellington, New Zealand I175
18 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1935Wellington, New Zealand I175
19 Hanify, Hugo Page  1919Wellington, New Zealand I179
20 Hanify, Hugo Page  1928Wellington, New Zealand I179
21 Hanify, Hugo Page  1935Wellington, New Zealand I179
22 Hanify, Hugo Page  1963Wellington, New Zealand I179
23 Hanify, Hugo Page  1968Wellington, New Zealand I179
24 Harper, Eliza Ann  1903Wellington, New Zealand I1920
25 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1912Wellington, New Zealand I1507
26 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1913Wellington, New Zealand I1507
27 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1914Wellington, New Zealand I1507
28 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1916Wellington, New Zealand I1507
29 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  3 Jul 1920Wellington, New Zealand I1736
30 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1922Wellington, New Zealand I1736
31 Larchin, Thomas  1880–1881Wellington, New Zealand I1735
32 Larchin, Thomas  1890Wellington, New Zealand I1735
33 Larchin, Thomas  1900Wellington, New Zealand I1735
34 Olberg, Peter Andrew  1896Wellington, New Zealand I2566
35 Reiche, Carl Christian  1911Wellington, New Zealand I1497
36 Roulston, Lucy Eliza  1926Wellington, New Zealand I7045
37 White, James Douglas Stanley  Dec 1990–1994Wellington, New Zealand I15


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 Donnini, Marie Louise  8 Apr 1922Wellington, New Zealand I1666
2 Jacombs, John Edward  5 Sep 1928Wellington, New Zealand I1509
3 Lawson, Judith  10 Sep 1918Wellington, New Zealand I1511


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 Bak, Nancy Annette Jensen  1935Wellington, New Zealand I267
2 Bak, Nancy Annette Jensen  1938Wellington, New Zealand I267
3 Bak, Nancy Annette Jensen  1948Wellington, New Zealand I267
4 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  1938Wellington, New Zealand I180
5 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  29 May 1940Wellington, New Zealand I180
6 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  1948Wellington, New Zealand I180
7 Hanify, Basil Aubrey Page  1950Wellington, New Zealand I180
8 Hanify, Dorothy Ethel Page  1928Wellington, New Zealand I181
9 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1938Wellington, New Zealand I175
10 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  1944Wellington, New Zealand I175
11 Hanify, Hugo James Haren Page  Jun 1945Wellington, New Zealand I175
12 Hanify, Hugo Page  1963Wellington, New Zealand I179
13 Hanify, Hugo Page  1968Wellington, New Zealand I179
14 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  1914Wellington, New Zealand I177
15 Hanify, Phyllis Anne Page  24 Jan 1944Wellington, New Zealand I177
16 Howell, Frances Mary  1914Wellington, New Zealand I1508
17 Howell, Frances Mary  1919Wellington, New Zealand I1508
18 Jacombs, William Henry Holmes  1914Wellington, New Zealand I1507
19 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1905–1906Wellington, New Zealand I1736
20 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1919Wellington, New Zealand I1736
21 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1928Wellington, New Zealand I1736
22 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1935Wellington, New Zealand I1736
23 Larchin, Lallie Eleanor  1938Wellington, New Zealand I1736
24 Larchin, Thomas  1880–1881Wellington, New Zealand I1735
25 Maher, Kathleen Mary  1919Wellington, New Zealand I1698
26 Maher, Kathleen Mary  1928Wellington, New Zealand I1698
27 Maher, Kathleen Mary  1935Wellington, New Zealand I1698
28 Maher, Kathleen Mary  1957Wellington, New Zealand I1698
29 Maher, Kathleen Mary  1960Wellington, New Zealand I1698
30 Nelson, Julia Augusta  1911Wellington, New Zealand I1496
31 Nelson, Julia Augusta  1914Wellington, New Zealand I1496
32 Pearce, Charles  24 Oct 1928Wellington, New Zealand I6009
33 Pearce, Charles  1951Wellington, New Zealand I6009
34 Pearce, Gertrude Evelyn Alice  1928Wellington, New Zealand I1703
35 Pearce, Gertrude Evelyn Alice  1935Wellington, New Zealand I1703
36 Pearce, Gertrude Evelyn Alice  1963Wellington, New Zealand I1703
37 Pearce, Gertrude Evelyn Alice  1968Wellington, New Zealand I1703
38 Reardon, Alice Maude  1959Wellington, New Zealand I6010
39 Roulston, Frances Rebecca  1911Wellington, New Zealand I1498
40 Sinnott, Maude Miriam  1896Wellington, New Zealand I89
41 Sinnott, Maude Miriam  1900Wellington, New Zealand I89


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Aldridge / Barnao  25 Oct 1948Wellington, New Zealand F66
2 Arnold / Pheney  1 Jun 1887Wellington, New Zealand F506
3 Dawson / Reiche  22 Nov 1922Wellington, New Zealand F2048
4 de St Laurent / Scott  1 Aug 1857Wellington, New Zealand F1612
5 Earle / Roulston  8 Nov 1902Wellington, New Zealand F2146
6 Hanify / Maher  1916Wellington, New Zealand F517
7 Jacombs / Lawson  29 Aug 1878Wellington, New Zealand F547
8 Richardson / Dallow  6 Apr 1931Wellington, New Zealand F1058
9 Roulston / Burney  15 Jun 1903Wellington, New Zealand F2183
10 Sherbrooke / Prisk  1928Wellington, New Zealand F663
11 Stubbs / Morfee  16 Mar 1940Wellington, New Zealand F3343
12 Taylor / Thompson  5 Jul 1911Wellington, New Zealand F2142