Upper Waiwera, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Colgan, Arthur  1885Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2264
2 Cosgrave, Edith Steele  14 Dec 1884Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2760
3 Howell, George William  22 Mar 1896Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1747
4 Howell, Gladys Elva  27 Sep 1908Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1752
5 Howell, Harold Wilfred  18 Apr 1892Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1745
6 Howell, Harriet Mary Evelyn  16 May 1902Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1750
7 Howell, Hilda Edna Winafrid  16 Oct 1912Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1754
8 Howell, James Gordon Keith  26 Aug 1910Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1753
9 Howell, Richard  23 Sep 1865Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1512
10 Howell, Rita Frances  3 Feb 1898Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1748
11 Howell, Robert Charles Allison  7 Dec 1905Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1751
12 Howell, Violet Elsie  22 Feb 1900Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1749
13 Hurley, Leslie Gordon  22 May 1899Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1615
14 Hurley, Mildred Mary  11 Sep 1896Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1616
15 McCathie, David Henderson  18 Apr 1884Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2148
16 McCathie, Donald Stuart  11 Mar 1892Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2253
17 McCathie, Donald Thomas  5 Mar 1915Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2194
18 McCathie, Elspeth  29 Oct 1897Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2255
19 McCathie, James  15 Jun 1887Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2251
20 McCathie, Jane Henderson  21 Feb 1883Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2249
21 McCathie, Malcolm Keith  13 May 1889Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2252
22 McCathie, Margaret Hall  1 Jan 1896Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2254
23 McCathie, William  15 Sep 1885Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2250


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Howell, James  19 Nov 1865Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1712
2 Howell, Richard  19 Nov 1865Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1512


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Colgan, James Mathew  2 Sep 1922Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2258
2 Cotterill, Emily Mary  28 Jun 1909Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I12391
3 Faithfull, Henry  22 Jul 1876Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I12390
4 Henderson, Jane  11 Nov 1908Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2236
5 Howell, Frances Ida Allingham  30 Nov 1895Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1746
6 Howell, Thomas  21 Mar 1908Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1713
7 Hurley, Henry William  3 Aug 1905Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I1714
8 McCathie, Jane Henderson  28 Jun 1950Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2249
9 McCathie, William  20 Dec 1888Upper Waiwera, New Zealand I2235


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Faithfull / McCathie  25 Apr 1882Upper Waiwera, New Zealand F695
2 Howell / Pheney  31 Mar 1888Upper Waiwera, New Zealand F452
3 McCathie / Foster  14 May 1925Upper Waiwera, New Zealand F704
4 McCathie / Hurley  26 Sep 1911Upper Waiwera, New Zealand F646