Lower Hutt, New Zealand



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Jacob Ethan Sinnott  19 Apr 2003Lower Hutt, New Zealand I3169
2 Andrews, Albert Stanley  16 Oct 1927Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12705
3 Chapman, Alice Ina Edith  4 Apr 1945Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15223
4 Chapman, Florence Dawn  14 Oct 1946Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15224
5 Chapman, Leslie Allan  26 Jun 1953Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15440
6 Chapman, Nellie Yoland Edith  25 Jun 1940Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15219
7 Chapman, Peter Earnest Norman  13 Nov 1941Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15221
8 Reiche, Edna Frances  19 Apr 1912Lower Hutt, New Zealand I5004


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Anderson, Jacob Ethan Sinnott  28 Nov 2004Lower Hutt, New Zealand I3169
2 Andrews, Albert Stanley  13 Apr 1994Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12705
3 Andrews, Albert Victor  14 Aug 1992Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12136
4 Andrews, Charles Frederick  7 Oct 1987Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1489
5 Andrews, Mary Dawn  17 Dec 1981Lower Hutt, New Zealand I283
6 Bl?├╝cher, Elizabeth Ann  2 Jul 1957Lower Hutt, New Zealand I8855
7 Chapman, Leslie Allan  4 Aug 2017Lower Hutt, New Zealand I15440
8 Dawson, James Leslie  14 May 1972Lower Hutt, New Zealand I6666
9 Gallagher, Ivy Elizabeth  9 Jul 1990Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12716
10 Hanify, Bruce Alan Page  25 Nov 2012Lower Hutt, New Zealand I271
11 Hazlewood, Francis  2 Oct 1985Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12715
12 Johnson, Thomas Samuel William  6 Nov 1951Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12717
13 Kilminster, Vera Rosalind  26 Nov 1995Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12279
14 Marshall, Threphina Rebecca  29 Jul 1970Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1758
15 Nelson, Julia Augusta  13 Feb 1953Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1496
16 Reiche, Augusta Mona  1 Aug 1972Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1490
17 Reiche, Carl Christian  28 May 1931Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1497
18 Reiche, Christina Elizabeth  17 Mar 1991Lower Hutt, New Zealand I5000
19 Simmiss, Betty Isabella Myrtle  18 Nov 1934Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12130
20 Simmiss, Enid Thelma  18 Nov 1934Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12073
21 Simmiss, Victor Roy  6 Oct 1968Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1487


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Andrews, James  22 Oct 1935Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1495
2 Hanify, Bruce Alan Page  23 Nov 2013Lower Hutt, New Zealand I271
3 Marshall, Threphina Rebecca  31 Jul 1970Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1758
4 Nelson, Julia Augusta  16 Feb 1953Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1496
5 Reiche, Carl Christian  30 May 1931Lower Hutt, New Zealand I1497
6 Reiche, Charles Alexander  13 Sep 1931Lower Hutt, New Zealand I5001
7 Reiche, Robert Alexander  6 Jun 1915Lower Hutt, New Zealand I5002
8 Simmiss, Edith Mary  28 Feb 1992Lower Hutt, New Zealand I5707
9 Simmiss, Harold Victor  Abt 15 Sep 1983Lower Hutt, New Zealand I12053
10 Weaver, Bevan James  1949Lower Hutt, New Zealand I4995


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Andrews / Reiche  6 Mar 1926Lower Hutt, New Zealand F440
2 Pahl / Reiche  16 Dec 1925Lower Hutt, New Zealand F1802
3 Renner / Lancaster  Abt 2005Lower Hutt, New Zealand F3720