Cawood, Yorkshire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Farley, Elizabeth  Abt 1842Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9400
2 Farley, John  Abt 1837Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9399
3 Farley, Martha  Abt 1847Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9401
4 Farley, Thomas  Abt 1839Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9384
5 Jackson, Mary  20 Jan 1815Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9285
6 Peacock, Ann  Abt 1740Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9955
7 Pepper, Mary  1775Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9287
8 Romans, Ann  1746Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9953
9 Romans, Anne  Abt 1834Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9336
10 Romans, Annie  Abt 1863Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9403
11 Romans, Benjamin  Abt 1768Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3067
12 Romans, Benjamin  1806Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9819
13 Romans, Christopher  1733Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9949
14 Romans, Elisabeth  1735Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9950
15 Romans, Emily  Abt 1879Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9406
16 Romans, George Hunter  Abt 1848Cawood, Yorkshire, England I14589
17 Romans, Harry  Abt 1856Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9402
18 Romans, Harry  1881Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9407
19 Romans, Jane  Abt 1846Cawood, Yorkshire, England I14588
20 Romans, John  1738Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9951
21 Romans, John  1850Cawood, Yorkshire, England I14590
22 Romans, Joseph  1824Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9625
23 Romans, Joseph  Abt 1862Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9672
24 Romans, Mary  1743Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9952
25 Romans, Mary  1836Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9298
26 Romans, Mary  Abt 1843Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9476
27 Romans, Mary Taylor  15 Feb 1835Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9419
28 Romans, Minnie  Abt 1876Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9405
29 Romans, William  Abt 1864Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9673
30 [Unknown], Annie  Abt 1852Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9404
31 [Unknown], Martha  Abt 1815Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9398


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Romans, George Hunter  2 Jan 1848Cawood, Yorkshire, England I14589
2 Romans, Robert  16 Mar 1707Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9596


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Robert  1873Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9286
2 Johnson, Ann  Aug 1808Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9487
3 Romans, Benjamin  Jan 1852Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3067
4 Romans, Mary  9 Jan 1828Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9952
5 Romans, Mary  31 Mar 1836Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9298
6 Smith, Mary  1863Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Johnson, Ann  Abt 1808Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9487
2 Romans, Benjamin  26 Jan 1852Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3067
3 Romans, Susanna  4 Jan 1885Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9297
4 Smith, Mary  1 Oct 1863Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3066


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptism    Person ID 
1 Jackson, Mary  1 Feb 1815Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9285
2 Romans, Ann  1 Apr 1746Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9953
3 Romans, Anne  29 Jun 1834Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9336
4 Romans, Benjamin  28 Jan 1769Cawood, Yorkshire, England I3067
5 Romans, Eleanor Taylor  3 Feb 1839Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9317
6 Romans, George  20 Jun 1776Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9312
7 Romans, John  2 Jan 1717Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9599
8 Romans, John  31 May 1738Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9951
9 Romans, John  3 Dec 1773Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9313
10 Romans, Joseph  20 Jun 1771Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9314
11 Romans, Joseph  7 Feb 1819Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9309
12 Romans, Mary  14 Feb 1836Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9298
13 Romans, Mary  4 Feb 1844Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9476
14 Romans, Mary Taylor  15 Feb 1835Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9419
15 Romans, Robert  12 May 1766Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9315
16 Romans, Sarah  24 Oct 1816Cawood, Yorkshire, England I9318


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Jackson / Pepper  26 Apr 1805Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2655
2 Romans / Hope  13 Nov 1730Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2838
3 Romans / Hunter  29 Jun 1843Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2672
4 Romans / Jackson  16 Dec 1833Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2654
5 Romans / Johnson  17 Apr 1792Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2723
6 Romans / Peacock  22 Sep 1763Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2840
7 Romans / Reynolds  26 Dec 1791Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2663
8 Romans / Stone  5 Oct 1819Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2760
9 Romans / Turpin  27 Apr 1724Cawood, Yorkshire, England F2755