Canning Town, Essex, England



Matches 1 to 16 of 16

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Andrews, William  Abt May 1900Canning Town, Essex, England I12700
2 Barham, Albert Edward  Aug 1871Canning Town, Essex, England I13875
3 Barham, Frederick Thomas  Sep 1869Canning Town, Essex, England I13874
4 Barham, Mabel Alice  16 Dec 1880Canning Town, Essex, England I13887
5 Barham, Minnie  1878Canning Town, Essex, England I13886
6 Barham, Olderthen James  Jun 1866Canning Town, Essex, England I13862
7 Barham, Oscar  Abt 1883Canning Town, Essex, England I13888
8 Cox, Emma  Abt 1888Canning Town, Essex, England I12769
9 Cox, Henry  Abt 1886Canning Town, Essex, England I12768
10 Cox, Henry Thomas  Abt 1857Canning Town, Essex, England I12767
11 Nelson, Albert V.  Abt 1872Canning Town, Essex, England I12743
12 Nelson, Arthur H.  Abt 1877Canning Town, Essex, England I12745
13 Nelson, Charles F.  Abt Aug 1870Canning Town, Essex, England I12742
14 Nelson, Ernest Walter  Abt 1875Canning Town, Essex, England I12744
15 Nelson, Julia Augusta  1878Canning Town, Essex, England I1496
16 Pound, Thomas John  1905Canning Town, Essex, England I13893