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Kia ora. Welcome to my website. It is intended to document my family tree using information gathered over several decades, starting in the early 1980s.

The family roots are mainly in England, Ireland, the Isle of Man and New Zealand. Ireland is represented by the Haddocks from County Longford and the Sinnotts from County Wexford. Our English roots include Yorkshire, Somerset and Middlesex. Our New Zealand ancestor, Hariata Callendar, has proved elusive, but may be from the Hauraki area.

Update 9 Apr 2014: an historical Sinnott family tree has been added, starting with 'de Synad' (born abt 1120). The descendancy tree and notes attached to people on it are based largely on the work of Sue Alderton of Australia, to whom I am very much indebted for her Generational Chart with detailed information on more than 20 generations of descendants of 'de Synad'.

Rex Sinnott

Rex, I would like to help. What can I do?

Thanks for asking! You can:
- provide suggestions for changes and improvements, and especially more information!
- let me know if you are interested in sending or exchanging data - such as GEDCOM files, photos or documents;
- tell your relatives!

You can either register on the site, or use the contact button at the top or the contact link below.

Thank you

TNG is a powerful online genealogy database program that allows you to navigate through our family history while looking at dates, events, pictures, documents and maps. It's a fully interactive experience. Access is open to anyone interested in our family, however, names of living individuals are not shown. If you are a family member and wish to have full access to documents, please register for a user name.

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